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How strong is your current resume?


  • Is it neat and clearly organized?
  • Is it formatted to effectively communicate your achievements while maintaining aesthetics to promote readability?
  • Did you use the top section as a marketing tool?
  • Have you optimized your resume to ensure it meets Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) tool requirements?

Your resume has to be written for review by 3 different audiences – ATS, a junior-level staffer, and the interviewer.


Some estimates claim that upwards of 70% of job applications are eliminated by ATS tools. Whether because the applicant left out the title, placed contact information into a header, or simply didn’t include the keywords from the announcement, they missed an opportunity. A resume prepared for ATS systems is critical. Miss that, and your application will never be seen by human eyes.

The last estimate is that we have approximately 8 seconds to get the attention of the junior-level reviewer. With an average of 300 applications for each job announcement and with multiple openings in an organization, you better grab their attention quick! To get through this level, we use the top section of your application as the marketing tool that will move your resume into the interview pile. That means effectively communicating your qualifications right at the beginning while leaving sufficient whitespace to make your application an easy and simple read. Your resume is simply a ticket to the interview. You must communicate your competitive distinctions quickly and thoroughly to move ahead – details are your talking points at the interview.


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The reality is that your resume will not be reviewed completely until you are seated in front of the interviewer. Your application will get a quick glance only, so long paragraphs and explanations about how you accomplished your successes will not be read. Bulleted accomplishments of no more than 2 or 3 lines will be all you get to communicate how you achieved your goals. You will be able to discuss your talents and qualifications at the interview table.


Make your resume count so that you make it to that table!


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